0)  Can I Trust Bippy.Com?

We sure believe that you can, but rather than take our word for it, or read something that we could have typed up that may or may not have been sent by a customer, how about checking out our 7 year history on Ebay by clicking HERE.  Our Paypal reputation was perfect until Paypal decided that they no longer wanted to do business with companies that sold  items for adults. 

1)  Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes - We accept credit cards through a SECURE credit card processing company.  

2) Can I pay by any other method?

We are currently set up to accept Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard) payments and checks and money orders via mail. 

3)  What is your return Policy?

You Bet your Bippy.com that I care about my customers. I try to treat every customer the way I would want to be treated, and I hope that this will help generate customer loyalty.
If there is something wrong with your order, I would like to know about it and correct it as soon as possible.

I receive all of Bippy.Com's lingerie directly from manufacturers and wholesalers in original, brand new condition.  I am proud to stand behind Bippy.com's products with a Satisfaction Guarantee on all unopened, unworn lingerie and underwear. I want my customers to be satisfied with what they purchase from Bippy so they will refer their friends to us. 

I cannot (however) accept returns on lingerie that has been opened and/or worn because lingerie and underwear come into contact with personal areas.  Please inspect all items prior to putting them on for the first time.

I do this not only for my protection but for all of Bippy.Com's Customers because of the potential health issues. If you purchased any lingerie and decided you don't want it for any reason within 20 days of the invoice, just tell us at sue@bippy.com. We'll issue a Return Material Authorization and get in touch with you to set up how to ship it back. Any returned package without a Return Material Authorization number will be refused.

As soon as we received your return package, we'll refund your purchase price minus the Shipping & Handling fee, provided that it is still in its unopened and unworn condition. In most cases, Shipping & Handling fees cannot be returned unless we made a mistake in what we shipped. All purchases after 30 days of invoice cannot be returned for refund, exchange or credit.

I do care about the health of my customers, so I will not sell any worn lingerie. 

Thank you for your understanding.

4) What is your policy on selling user information?

With my new Secure payment processing provided by EProcessing, I only get the information needed to ship you your order.  Name, address, email, what you ordered, and weather the Credit Card used for the order belongs to you - that is all that I get.  I do not see your card number nor any of your other personal banking information.  As far as weather I would sell email addresses - well, I would never do that.  Nor do I send out unsolicited Email, and I don't consider email solicited just because you purchased from me.  Basically - I get enough junk email, and I don't want to be considered junk email by anyone else, so I will just try to do a good enough job serving my customers that they will come back to my site and purchase from me without annoying emails.

5) I see $7.50 SHIPPING and Handling on any size order but what about Special Shipping or Foreign Shipping?

Okay - here goes - $7.50 shipping means $7.50 shipping and Handling to any Continental US Address via either US Postal Service, UPS or Fed Ex.  Basically, we choose which way to ship based on the order, where it is going, etc. 

SPECIAL SHIPPING - If you would like to request special shipping (LIKE Next Day Air, etc.) - please email me before you place your order.  Special shipping will cost - and I will have to check rates and confirm with you prior to you placing an order.  Again, the key to us is no surprises.

Foreign Shipping - Again, please contact me first.  Let me know what you want and where you are.  I will figure out your costs for shipping, and get back to you. 

6)  How long until I get my order? 

We do our best to get our orders out as quickly as possible.  We have thousands of items in stock, but have access to tens of thousands of products.  Rather than restrict your choices, we offer up all the items we can get to, and bring them in as quickly as possible.  This means, if we have it in stock, your order will probably ship the next day.  If your item is not in stock, we will add it to our weekly order, which generally means you will have your order in 10 business days or less.  This new site also allows me to put in the inventory I have.  If you find an item that has in the 900's in stock - that item will be added to my weekly order.  Items that have a number under 100 should be my actual inventory.  If you order only items I have in inventory, your order will ship much quicker.  I place my weekly Escante order on Tuesdays, and my weekly adult toy order on Wednesday.  Normally I will receive my adult toy order on Friday, but Escante can take a week or more to get to me.  Please know that I try to get lingerie in as quickly as I can if I don't have it in stock, but Escante is normally sold through high end lingerie stores, and are not really designed for internet orders.  We chose to deal with them because we wanted to bring something to the internet that was not the same things that most everyone else sells.  We wanted to bring the high end, high class lingerie to everyone.     

7 )  Do you have a phone number to contact you with? 

Bippy.Com is an internet only business - we don't have catalogs other than our online catalog, and we don't do business by phone.  I check my email several times a day, and try to respond to customers as quickly as possible.  For quickest response, please use the Concat us button on any page.  

If you have any other questions - please email me - sue@bippy.com